Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Girls Night, Davis 1st Birthday, & Snow Day!

Weekend of February 27

On Friday, we celebrated Autumn's birthday! Jessica, Becky, and I had a great time. We laughed a lot! - we did not get a picture with Autumn but, we did get a picture of the three of us!Jessica spent the night at our house - first night without Tripp! We stayed up to 2am - talking...talking about what I don't know! It was like we were in high school...again!

On Sunday we celebrated little Davis's 1st Birthday. Davis was born on leap day...he was 'two' special days. I am thankful we were able to celebrate with Matt and Carrie!
We drove to Aunt Pam's in heavy snow to get to the birthday party. This is what our house looked like when we returned home. I know - I know not a lot of snow for those of you who live in New York (Laura and Di) but, in Georgia...well this canceled school for Monday! YIPPEEE!