Sunday, August 10, 2008


August 9, 2008

Windows and doors were installed on Friday. The front door is a "dunnage-dummy door" (construction door) it will be replaced when the inside is complete.
Kitchen windows.

The corner...

The tubs have arrived

The "rough" plumbing is complete. This is the laundry room.

We met with the cabinet man...again...we are making some adjustments to the kitchen. Moving the pantry, the oven, the stove....

All of the appliances have been shipped. Thankfully Chuck - one of the builders - is allowing us to store our appliances in his barn.
This is what Adam does for "fun" when we go to the property. He walks on the ceiling sometimes scares me!

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The Ball's said...

Don't let that scare you! He's been doing that for YEARS!!! Everything is looking GREAT can't wait to see it in person. See you guys soon!