Sunday, September 7, 2008

What A Week!

Early September, 2008

WHAT A WEEK! It was only a 4-day week (Labor Day was Monday) but, it feels as though it was two weeks in one!

We interrupt this week with some other "stuff"...

Jessica and Justin Dunn - our bestest friends - welcomed Tripp Michael into the world on Wednesday. On Thursday, Adam and I made the journey to August to meet the little guy. He is absolutely precious.

Last weekend was a LUCKY weekend! We sold the Jeep and rented our house!

We have to be out by the middle of September. We plan to move everything in Adam's parent's basement and we will be moving in with my parents. I really am looking forward to being with my parents for about a month!

Let the packing begin...I am fortunate that Harriet (Adam's Mom) and Pat (my Momma) were able to help me begin packing. We got the two hardest rooms done this weekend - the kitchen and dining room. I had no idea the amount of stuff one can collect! Adam and I made a deal that we are going to start throwing more stuff away and not feel obligated to keep everything!

First box...of many!
The renter needed a fenced in backyard to put her Adam, Doyle (Adam's Dad), and Bing (my Daddy) did all the labor and she purchased all the materials. It was hard work but, the fence looks wonderful!

The post were in on Saturday...
And the fence was completed on Sunday...
The three of them were extremely tired! Thank you!

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