Thursday, June 11, 2009

Four Months

Four Months!

Adam is going to be a Daddy…yep that is right we are expecting.

Long story long...

After the house was built and we were settled Adam and I decided that what was to happen with our family in the future was in God’s hands. Little did I know I was pregnant in January. After several failed pregnancy test during the month of February I thought well…missed a period. During Winter Break (February 16 February 20), I went to New York to visit with Diana – still no signs of Mother Nature or a positive pregnancy test and as you can see from the New York trip posting Diana and I had several bottles of wine and margaritas before noon. After I arrived home I knew I needed to schedule an appointment with the doctor.

February 20, 2009

On Friday, February 20th I went to the doctor to find out what was wrong. Little did I know that the doctor did not know that I did not know that I was pregnant! This is how the conversation went:

Dr. Stewart: “What brings you here today?”

Me: “I haven’t started my period in over a month.”

Dr. Stewart: “Well, that is what happens during this time in your life.”

Me: I am thinking to myself Huh? Is there something that my Momma did not tell me about that happens to your body when you are in your mid-twenties? So, I say to her: “I am confused.”

Dr. Stewart: “Why are you confused? It is simple, in about 9 to 10 months you will be back to your regular cycle.”

Me: Call me blonde because it still was not clicking. I took another pregnancy test this morning before I left the house and it was not positive. I knew I was not pregnant! I must have looked perplexed because Dr. Stewart said…

Dr. Stewart: “Congratulations! You are going to be a Mom!”

I left the doctor’s office in complete shock with complete excitement with complete confusion and wondering how I could get some of my money back from all those expensive pregnancy test that were WRONG!

I set in the car for several minutes praying to God for a healthy baby and successful pregnancy and especially for a baby that was not floating in alcohol from the New York trip the Jr. League party, the Thursday night margaritas…! Also, my next thought how am I going to tell Adam? I went to Barnes and Noble to browse the children’s section hoping that I could find a book. Growing up, books were such an important part of my childhood - Momma read to me every night and I went to the library often with my Grandmother. I love children’s books. I sat in the little reading area a – very little chair reading – and crying over books. I found the perfect book for Adam: My Daddy and Me and I also found a book for my parents: Someday and a book for Adams parents: Little Boy. I continued to go about my day with a huge smile on my face – when Adam came home that evening from work his book was sitting on the table and he just looked at me like…Oh My! Needless to say, he was very excited!

March 6, 2009 - Ultrasound

Pregnancy seems a little surreal until you see the itty-bitty-tiny what looks like a kidney bean – that you call your baby – on the screen. Everything checked out good as expected! We learned of the due date October 27 and my face turned a little white because that is my birthday. I have it in my mind that this baby is not going to come until November…ummm 3rd.

March 7, 2009 -How we told our parents

Adam and I often have our parents over for dinner so it did not seem out of sorts when we invited them over for steaks. We had a wonderful dinner and a great visit. After dinner the six of us were sitting around the table and I went to get the gifts. My mother has a sliding charm bracelet and Harriet has a Pandora – Adam and I have calling cards that we enclose in gifts that say Adam and Amber Steele and I added and Baby there was a hole punched in the card with a ribbon that had the charms attached. I simply placed them on the table in front of our Mothers and later gave them the books I purchased at Barnes and Noble. No words are needed to describe their excitement!

How we told our family

On Easter we all get together at Aunt Pam and Uncle Jimmy’s for lunch. Before grace Adam asked Uncle Jimmy privately if at the end of the prayer he would pray for the new addition to our family that would arrive in late October (I still say early November). We gathered for pray Uncle Jimmy said the blessing with the ending…it was very sweet. The family was in shock.
As for the rest of the family - I mailed letters to all the children from Baby Steele.

Past Days

Over the course of the weeks we have had several ultrasounds, the complete quad-screening, and a 3-D ultrasound. With lots of prayer everything seems to be perfect with our little one. It seems to be 100% that we are having a little girl because we have been told we are having a girl by three different ultrasound techs.

Can you see her smile?
The Name Game

After many short – sometimes long – frustrating conversations with Adam we could not agree with a name. Until my parents called:

Momma: “Hey, Baby Girls…Your Daddy thought of a name for the baby.”

Me: “Okay what is it?”

Momma: “Kimber!”

Me: “Kimber. I like that.”

Adam: From the other side of the house – with his selective hearing –I hear “Oh Yeah! I like Kimber!”

Me: “Momma, where did he come up with the name Kimber?”

Adam & Daddy: In unison –“ It is the name of a gun!”

I immediately went to the internet to research the name Kimber. On the first website I went to I read Kimber: part of a forest. I was sold on the name Kimber because my Daddy’s first name is Forrest. Adam and I obviously like the name for different reasons but, we agreed on a name! The middle name just came…we agreed and did not discuss it anymore after we agreed. Kimber Elise Steele. More to the story…come to find out Elise is part of a name of a car – Lotus Elise. Adam obviously knew this and was excited when I agreed on Elise…so our sweet little baby girl is named after a gun and a car!

Me & Baby

As Dr. Steward said last week at the 20 week check-up I was meant to birth babies…

I have had little pregnancy symptoms other than the massive growth in my boobs and the every-once in awhile heartburn. I have gained – knock-on-wood – little weight. Kimber seems to continue to grow! I have felt her flutter around a little and I cannot wait until she kicks the breath out of me so I know she is okay!


Mr. and Mrs. Coggin said...

We're so excited for you and Adam!!! We need to get together soon!

Ross and Laura said...

HOLY COW...and Congratulations!

Sara said...

Congratulations look great...I really mean it!!!

Anne Aurand said...

Goodness! Great story. Plus you look really good pregnant. I hope I look that good in 7 weeks! We are due the 21st of Dec., but I am convinced that we are going to have a true Christmas baby.

I love the name Kimber! It's a very good little girl name, but also a name she can grow into! Congrats!