Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sunday, November 6 to Tuesday, November 8, 2011

After Kimber's party - and as guest were leaving - Kimber started to wheezing. I gave her a breathing treatments in hopes that it would help. On Sunday morning, Kimber said that it hurts to breath so we were off to the Newnan ER.

Kimber's oxygen levels were around 89 to 91 (normal is around 100). After several breathing treatments and IV steriods her oxygen levels never improved. Newnan then transported us to Egleston. After several hours in Egleston's ER the team of doctors made the recommendation that Kimber needed to be on Helix. In order to be on Helix you have to be admitted to the ICU! After a nigh in ICU we were moved to a floor room for a night. We were able to come home on Tuesday morning. Kimber is fine and you would never know anything happened by Tuesday afternoon. As we were back to work/school on Wednesday!

Thank you to all the people who called, texted, facebooked, prayed, sent gifts, made us dinner when we returned home, wrote my lesson plans for my class...

 Kimber getting a breathing treatment...she is never this still
...on me - I have the same outfit I wore for 3 days!

 Getting sleep in the ambulance

 Poor baby
Elgeston was wonderful! As was Newnan! - We are fortunate for both hospitals!

 Kimber coloring!
Thanks to friends and family for our hospital gifts for Kimber!

We were able to break away from the room for a snack!

Kimber taking care of her "sick" baby, Emma!

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