Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Di & New York City

Sunday, February 15 - Tuesday, February 17

It was 1986, my parents purchased a home on Palmetto Pines. I never knew just how my life would change...I meet Diana Bibee. The Bibees lived across the street from the Thorntons. It is hard to believe we have known each other for over 23 years!

I recently found my senior high school Last-Testaments....Diana Bibee - you will always be the little sister that I never had. I can't imagine what life would be like if you had not been in it. You have seen every side of me, you know me better than anyone, you have seen me on my good days and bad days, and you always seem to treat me the same. I will leave you 10 things out of my closet! The memories I have with you are memories I will one day tell my children. How we used to play in the closet under the stairs - me breaking the China fan. If I did not like what my family was having for dinner I would eat with you. How you could make me laugh until I would literally throw-up. We never really argued but the one fight we did have we both remember differently...wanna cookie? How in elementary school we would wait for the bus together and then in middle school we rode in the Ford Tempo and now we are driving ourselves. It seems like yesterday I moved in across the street and our friendship started to grow and now I am moving away and I hope that our friendship is strong enough to last forever.

A lot of what I wrote my senior year still stands true. I really don't even know how to process life without Di - and her parents - apart of my life. We were often inseparable throughout our childhood and teenage years. She is one of my favorite people. I truly hope that my children will one day have a childhood friend Di - and grow up together and go off to college, talk about boys, organize closets, shop and shop and shop, be honest even if it hurts, laugh until you cry or throw-up, fly to see each other when it is farther than a drive away, see plays together, make art projects, share clothes, watch movies, talk about life, ride to school together, talk about memories, be in each other weddings...I cherish our friendship more than most could even imagine!

On Sunday morning I left for New York. Di currently attends New York University - she will be famous one day! I had no excuses not to visit - I took some time during Winter Break to stay "for free" and get a "tour" of New York. What could we not pack into two full days on the streets of New York? Not much...taxi drivers, subway rides, Fairway Market, Time Square, margaritas and guacamole dip, Mary Poppins, Radio City, Carnegie Deli monster sandwich and cheesecake, organizing Di's closet, art store, 5th Ave shopping, Central Park, F.A.O. Schwarz, Macy's, wooden escalator, Tiffany & Co., Fashion Week, NYU, Otto, The Bachelor...I am sure I am leaving something out but, needless to say we had a great time. Just added more memories...

One of my favorites of the trip...at Otto - we could not even really read the menu. We were over whelmed...we looked at each other and said what the hell is this and that. Fortunately, we had a great waitress when she came to the table and this is what I said...we would like bruschetta, salad, pizza, a bottle of wine, and dessert - she picked everything - we were not disappointed.

I had a wonderful time with Di in New York! Thank you Di!

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