Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Friday, June 19 - Monday, June 22, 2009

Adam and I went on a three-day cruise. We left port from Port Canaveral - set sail to Nassau, Bahamas - to Coco Cay - back to Florida.

22 weeks pregnant
I know it is not "healthy" but, I love to lay in the sun! I was that "girl" who was pregnant rockin' the two-piece! (Adam said it looked good!)

Nassau, Bahamas

Sometimes I can get Adam to join me in the is very rare.

Sometimes I really think that Adam is my Daddy "redone"! So what did we do when we got to Nassau...we found some HISTORY! We walked and walked and walked until we arrived at the Queen's Staircase - then we climbed and climbed a hundred stairs (really only 65 but, to a pregnant girl who was hot and whose thighs are getting a little larger...that rub together...yep, it was over a hundred stairs).
Queen's Staircase

Fort Fincastle

Formal Night

Coco Cay

We had a wonderful time...just a small vacation to get away....and relax.

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