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Tuesday, July 21 - Thursday, July 23, 2009

Adam had the week off - it was our "Anniversary Week". We really did not have anything planned because the month on July has been full of unexpected events! On Tuesday we woke up and said "let's go somewhere" so on a whim we packed up and drove to Savannah - now for those of you who know me this was a little "hard" I have to have set plans and reservations and have to start packing days in advance!

On the drive I called around and made reservations at the Marshall House - we got the "Procrastinator Special"! It was a great hotel and the rate was really reasonable - it was a couple of blocks from River Street.
Marshall House

Beautiful Savannah Bridge

We had a lot of fun - just walking of my favorite places to stop is the Savannah Candy Kitchen. I love to watch candy being made and having my fair share of pecan pralines samples.
Making Taffy

Story Time!!! In the Summer of 2005 - Adam meet up with my parents and me in Savannah - Adam and I ended up spending a couple of days longer after my parents left. One night we did a "River Street Bar Crawl" - we started at one end of River Street stopping at bars drinking beer and eating oysters. When we were "at the end" Adam had this great idea for my to pose on the dog from the Waving Lady statue. Well, after the previous beers I in our families - you can ask someone "If they rode the dog" and everyone knows that means you had your share of adult beverages...

Flash forward four years...I "rode" the dog at 26 weeks pregnant! No alcohol was involved!
We celebrated our 3rd anniversary in Savannah! We had a wonderful dinner at the Chart House and walked River Street....
Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Love the Street Performers in Savannah! This is a break dancing group that preforms on a regular basis. They are actually really good!

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Anne Aurand said...

Hope you guys had a great anniversary! July 22nd is the greatest!

You look great pregnant, glad you're still feeling well.