Tuesday, September 1, 2009

32 Weeks

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I went to the doctor today - every time I go I get excited about hearing Kimber's heartbeat...from the outside-looking-in everything seems to going wonderful. I am still measuring a week early but, the midwife (Sunny) said that as long as it is consistently a week early there is nothing to worry about. She was able to estimate that she thinks Kimber is about 4.5 pounds. As I left Sunny said, "about six to eight weeks and you and Adam will have a baby...".

I am to the point that I don't realize how "big" my stomach is...I am having a hard time moving around the classroom without "running" into students as I roam from table to table - all I can say is sorry and laugh. Today it really hit me...there is a very little path between my desk and the my refrigerator needless to say that is no longer a "short-cut" around my desk...from now on I will walk all the way around!

Kimber seems to move more and more everyday! The students are amazed at Kimber - the past couple of days, as I have been teaching I hear, "OH...WOW!" and I think they are finally getting the math...nope they are all fascinated with being able to see Kimber move.

EXCITING EVENING! I had maternity pictures made by Sara Anthony (http://www.smapix.com/) - I am so anxious to see the pictures - look for the sneak peak on Facebook within the week.


Anne Aurand said...

Ahhh!! You're looking great! I know what you mean about not realizing how "big" your belly is... we were setting up the crib and as I tried to move around it, I counld't fit (I even tried to "suck it in," but it didn't work!)

have a great last 8-9 weeks!

Mr. and Mrs. Coggin said...

You look amazing! Almost there!!!