Sunday, October 26, 2008

How Blessed am I!

October 26, 2008

What a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow I will turn 26…I celebrated this weekend with family and friends. On Saturday, we spent the evening with my parents for Momma's spaghetti and on Sunday, we spent the afternoon with Adam's family for good home-cookin'.

As I sit here – reflecting over how much I am loved – I get tears in my eyes. I am so very fortunate to have two parents who cherish me and in-laws who love me like there own.

I received a card from my Momma last week – it is wonderfully written, here it is: (if you click on it you can read it)

Oh - how I cherish my parents! They are such wonderful parents! I adore both of them and value every opportunity I have to make a new memory with them...

Adam and me! I love him!

Every time we get ready to leave - my parents always walk us out and wave like this...they always make me laugh-out-loud! My birthday month has come and is almost over – Adam will be glad on November 1 – I have had a wonderful birthday month. Thank you for all of my perfect presents! I love you all!

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