Sunday, July 13, 2008


July 11, 2008

Scott, one of the builders, made me a list (oh! I love lists) of things for me to pick out for the house. Of course, he gave me the list on Thursday evening and I had it all done by Friday afternoon - Yeah!

Timeless Forest Products
I had to pick out the type, color, and finish of the hardwood floor.
Type: Oak #2
Size: 4 inch
Color: Golden Pecan
Finish: Satin

North Georiga Brick
Stacked Stone
Color: Westchester
Style: Handcrafted
Mid. Georgia Garage Doors
Style: Madison
It will look like this but, with a solid window at the top.

Southern Pipe
I was able to pick out all the shower, sink, and tub fixtures along with the bathroom sinks and oversized farm-house sink. I am so excited about the farm-house sink! All of the fixtures (knobs, hinges, faucets...) will be oil rubbed bronze.

Ryan Owens at Southern Pipe is GREAT! They are located on Farmer Street in Newnan.

Mega Granite
OH MY! I am overwhelmed with the number of granite colors! This is the hardest choice yet! I still have not completely decided on what color!

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Amy said...

Amber, we have such similar tastes - so of course, I thought all of the choices were good :) - my island has the ubba tubba, if that will help give you an idea. I thought it was funny at Serenbe's when we both took the same liking to that rooster without knowing the other one did... are you doing hardwood in the bedrooms as well? Just an FYI, I regret not putting hardwoods in the bedrooms and I hate my carpet!!