Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Piping, a NASTY Job, & Thursday's Project

July 15, 2008

Piping is DONE! We are scheduled for a inspection on Wednesday - if all goes well the basement floor will be poured on Friday.

This pipe will lead to the Jock & Jill bathroom. The plumber was able to include a couple of "stubs" for us to finish the basement - later down the road. We plan to have a wet bar, bathroom, and possibly a small kitchen.

Once again...the "corner". This pipe will lead to the washer.
What a NASTY job. When Adam and I arrived at the property on Tuesday - a man was down in this long cramped dirt hole painting the water-proof sealant on the basement wall. Adam informed me it was like tar. The smell was awful, too!
Before the basement floor is poured these clips need to come out. Thursday afternoon we have encouraged Sawyer and Doyle to come help us. We promise D some beer and Sawyer an doesn't take much! It should be an event!

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