Sunday, July 6, 2008

SouthernLiving - Home Plan 322

It will not be long...we will drive over this hill to our new home!

This what our house will look like minus the dormer. We (Amber) plan to paint the house white with black shutters and a red front door.

This is the floor plan. We are are changing very little. For example, the master closet and bathroom will switch places, the storage in the garage will be accessed through the laundry room to form an office, and the stairs leading up to a bonus room will be used to create the stairs to the basement.

We cannot wait! We are so very excited!

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Amy W said...

I love looking at house plans and I love,love,love your house plan - great layout. We looked at one similar but the master was to the left and the kitchen was over to the right with the other bedrooms, but very similar...I can see great parties at the Steeles!!