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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Wednesday when I got home...this doggy was on our front porch. For those who know me...I am not a "real" fan of animals . So when he started at me I was not a little scared but, I noticed that he was hungry because all his little ribs were showing. So I made it a ham and cheese sandwich and gave it some Multi grain Cheerios (you can laugh - everyone else did) - and he ate it all!

I called my Daddy and he was not a fan of this 'lost dog' until I told him it was a Dachshund (before my parents had Jack Russells they had Dachshunds). He agreed they would care for it until we could find it a home.

When Adam arrived home and tried to go towards the dog - the dog took off...came back hours later...and took off again when he saw Adam. We put a box and blanket on the front porch so if it did come back...he would have somewhere to sleep during the night.

Thursday morning - guess who is back! Orville - I gave him a name! This time I went to the front door since he has not been a fan of Adam. Once the door was open he noticed it was me - walked through my door, peed on the floor, and then jumped on the couch! Once he was cornered Adam picked him up and I took him to my parents!

Thursday - Momma took him to the vet. The vet said he would not have survived many more days on his own - he only weighed 11 pounds and should weigh around 20 lbs. Dr. Watts said he was a pure breed Dachshund around 4/5 years old. After a couple of shots, a flea pill, and some medicine...he seems to be in okay health!

My parents - on Thursday - were adamant about found this dog a "new" home but, as the days go on...well, I think Orville is at his "new" home!


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