Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin' Patch - 39 Weeks

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

39 Weeks - Appointment

So - no "real" news! Kimber has done NOTHING...since last week. She has not even dropped - but, I am dilated to HALF a cm...which is a joke!

I have lost some fluid and some weight - which is normal this late in pregnancy - I saw another doctor today and after she measured me at 43 and some weeks she said WOW this is a BIG baby when she felt on my stomach! Hence, me losing fluid means Kimber is taking up the "extra" space.

So next Monday, which she said she "will" see me because of the lack of action this week - I will more than likely have an ultrasound - the ultrasound will determine the size of her head. Based on the size of her head will determine the next step. If her head is normal size I will continue to go through the pregnancy - if her head is large then I will likely have an c-section one day next week. We shall see...she seems to want to stay inside where it is warm!

Can you find the 3rd pumpkin....

Daddy-to-Be...I love Adam!

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Anne Aurand said...

Geese! Can't wait 'till she's here. Meanwhile, you are glowing and look great!